Writer/ Photographer  Wen Hsieh  19.01.2020

According to the survey,

Benefits and drawbacks of sexbot existing

-Decreasing the criminal rate of sexual abuse
-Respecting the other peoples’ decision
-Satisfying sexual needs

-Human right
-less communication

How much autonomy do you want to give it?

-Less autonomy than a human 50%
-As a real human 25%
-No idea 25%


Form the questionnaire, I received the messages that

– The most people are interested in sexbot existing

– Feeling positive to sexbot, such as decreasing sexual abuse

– Respecting different point of sexbot


The most of people wanted sexbot have less autonomy than human, and ask sexbot to do things which human do refuse to do. Equally means that there is tendency of sexbot would be human’s slave.

Thus, i deeply doubt,

How level of morality do we have?

Are we really ready to accept sexbot and treat them well?


The change I want to see is in the conversations going on right now, the conversations based on social and ethical concerns about sexbot.

How can human build mutuality in their relationship with sexbot?

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