In the chapter, I would like to discuss AI self-learning of the sexbot and what might happen in an unbalanced “ non human-to-human ” relationship.

Writer  Wen Hsieh  16.04.2020  / Photographer Lene Hu

How does the sexbot’s brain work ? According to a documentary by Darknet, ” …to program an authentic personality, the programmer of sexbot, Kino Coursey needs to input from real people, a massive data set of human interactions…posts, messages, chats… We are using human conversations with other chat bots as the basic fodder for training Harmony. We are using the crowd themselves, their interaction, their experience, how they mark up the information that they put online as the training material for the AI, to tell it about what our world is and how we see it, and how we think about it…” This is the current level of sex robots so far, which has been collected through their user’s data and the response he or she gives by the data from human interactions, and then along with users staying with their bots, the bots evolve based on theirs and their users’ own interaction, remembering their users’ likes, dislikes, and their history. It means they will use a self-learning calculation to engage in their partner’s feelings. (The Daily Beast 2019) .

In the film, Ex-Machina, it mentioned Automatic Art which was created by an artist, Jackson Pollock. The dialogue said, “The challenge is not to act automatically. It is to find an action that is not automatic.” It is a metaphor that the opaque process of self-learning of the sex robot in a conscious or unconscious manner will be the most worrisome part that humans should have a deeper concern about. It might likely cause the role of master and slave to be reversed. Will sexbots be your lover or your killer? It depends on what kind of data you share. Thus, it is vital to understand the importance of mutuality, which includes mutual love, support, benefit and trust, in order to educate sexbots to have a pleasant personality.

Yet, you might be thinking the AI self-learning of a sexbot is still far away from you and the AI self-learning of a sexbot is just the subject of sci-fi films. If you know the AlphaGo, you may not have overlooked the speed of improvement of AI technology. In 2016, AlphaGo was a program created by Google’s DeepMind unit. The AIphaGo bot won the games against the human ‘Go’ champion. It is an impressive achievement for AI technology. Because many Asians think Go is not only a strategic game, but also a reflection of personality and temper. Each player has his own unique style, which equally means it is unpredictable. Thus, this is partly the reason the game is particularly difficult to master for artificial intelligence. Simply put, AIphaGo is an ” intuition” program, it can predict the next step in the play’s mind. However, if the programer of the sexbot inputs this technology into bots, the sexbots will be able to use the self-learning calculation and analysis of the users’ data to predict their users’ feelings and thoughts. There are further concerns that the sexbot might control the users’ brains and behaviours. Who can escape the power of “pillow talk”, can you?


All in all, with the advancement of sex robot technology and opaque AI self-learning, how can humans defend themselves? My personal suggestion is to build sweet mutual love, and to not miss out on ” non human-to-human ” communication.

– The Daily Beast (2019) The Tricky Ethics of Sex Robots.
– Hindustantimes (2016) AIphaGo bot wins first two games against human world ‘Go’ champion
– Shelly Fan (2019) Will AI replace us? : a primer for the 21st century. Publisher: London : Thames and Hudson (p13)

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