I named my sexbot after the ancient Greek myth, Narcissus and Galatea


About Narcissus

Narcissus was a hunter in Greek mythology. He was a such gorgeous man, and many fell in love with him. However, he treated them disdain and contempt.  Narcissus got punishments for his behaviour. He fell in love with his reflection. When he understood the reality, he felt depressed  that his love and desire could not materialise and committed suicide.


About Galatea

Pygmalion was a talented sculptor from Cyprus.He lost all interest in women, moreover, he saw females as defective creature led to him avoided them as much as possible. Ironically, his masterpiece in his life was a female sculpture, named Galatea. He was fascinated by his creation and married her.



“Pygmalion Mani and Narcissism ”

In the book, The Pygmalion Effect (p1-p6) , presented that “the myth of Pygmalion is not only a myth about the image, it also deals with the image-work of art or, to be more precise, its embodiment.” The inspiration of aesthetic value comes from where, I questioned myself. Perhaps the inspiration is not about aesthetic, it tends to control addition or narcissist. Seeing their own imagination and hear their own dialogues, living as ostrich.


Intimated Relationship

The common feature in the both myths, Pygmalion and Narcissus, is that they both were not interested in human woman. The former fell in love his creation, and the latter recognized he loved his reflection. The both myths inspirited my perspectives about intimated relationship. Connecting nowadays, human relationship are various kind of types, such as homosexuality, relationship between men and women, human and non-human relationship, Bachelorism and so on… what type of relationship you choice, depending on your life experience, and somehow have links to your childhood. According to John Bowlby, a psychologist in London, founded the theory of “Attachment theory” in 1950. It shows that the attachment between a body and a mother will impact the children’s sense of security and psychological development in the future. there are three main models : Secure Attachment, Avoidant Attachment, Resistant Attachment. Your intimated relationship led by your attachment lead to different belonging. Furthermore, the attachment somehow shape you to deal with things and to view things in your unique approaches. However, all your life experiences and society value since you grow up also have highly potentially influence you. As a human being, I am straggling to be one of them. Human have been analysed, have been classified all the time. The researchers are trying to put their interviewees into each boxes. I could image the freedom of both characters desiring.


Life and Soul

Galatea gained her life by God, and married Pygmalion as his wife. The myth is coming true. Sexbot, This kind of technology, is created by human, it is symbolised life is no longer the prerogative of God. However, it is a strange through jumped into my mind. Everything is about balance in the earth. Namely, someone pass away, while new life born on the world. If more creations be created, that means the numbers of new life might equally reduce. From some points, I realised the meaning of human being replaced, its necessity between human and non human technology.




– Stoichiță, Victor Ieronim. The Pygmalion effect : from Ovid to Hitchcock
Publisher: Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2008. Translated by Alison Anderson. ISBN: 0226775216; 9780226775210.

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