Sexbot George Avill
User Howard Corlett @howardcorlett

Film Director 謝佩汶 Wen Hsieh @hsieh_wen_
Screenplay Team 謝佩汶 Wen Hsieh @hsieh_wen_
胡皓翔 Sean Hao-Hsiang Hu
謝孟芝 Mindy Hsieh
Nicolas Alpach
Renio Chen

Director of photography 鍾瑞軒 Rayxchung @rayxchung
Camera Assistant Milo Robinson @milorobin
Mike Ying @mikeying_

Still photographer 胡筱林 Xiaolin Hu @hxllene

Lighting Designer Dmitrij Vasilenko
Jon S. Clark

Sound Marton Bajczi @martonbajczi

Music Composer 丁啟祐 Chiyou Dean

Art Director 謝佩汶 Wen Hsieh @hsieh_wen_
曾怡德 Yi De Zeng

Prop Master 曾怡德 Yi De Zeng
Xinyi Tian
Prop Master Assistant Chonhou Lai

Stylist Ira Arz @iiraarz

Makeup Artist Beatrice Vincenzi
Ruby Yu @weiting_ruby

Hair Artist Miyu Suzuki

Shibari Artist Nik Yourknots @yourknots

Production Manager Soi Teng Hun

Modeling Agency Muumaa Model Agency @muumaamodels

Film Editor 謝佩汶 Wen Hsieh @hsieh_wen_

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