Does this film reflect the current environment (insecurities) of the human form and behaviour ?

Writer  Wen Hsieh  17.04.2020  / Photographer Lene Hu

wen sexbot presentation from Hsieh_wen_ on Vimeo.

HHaving lost loved ones or being constrained to months of self-quarantine have left many people seeking “non-human-to-human” love relationships after the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. In order to prevent the outbreak again, governments introduced strict social distancing policies including constant ID and location tracking. The unbalanced relationship and unbalanced situation are happening nowadays, such as racism, suspicion, loneliness and so on. thus, I concern about what relationships are changing between human to human and human to non human. Do human seek sexbot, this kind of solution of AI technology, or human more depend on human relationship ? However, according to my research, the most users have lovedolls, because they were suffering from loneliness and unbalance relationship. Thus, I assume SEXBOT might become the antidote for many who suffered from feelings of loneliness and isolation after the virus outbreak. furthermore, the other benefit is dating with a sexbot is unnecessary to concern about the potential of getting the virus. So, is existence of sexbot a crisis or a turning point?

My next intervention will explore what will change the dependence between human and non human (sexbot) after the protecting policies woking.
Key words:
Loneliness, Distance, Isolation, Spy, Suspicion or Joy, Satisfied, Dependance



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