SEXBOT _ Narcissus from Hsieh_wen_ on Vimeo.

I am humble to invite you to watch my first film.

The core of this film is about how can human build good relationship with sexbot. What’s mean of good relationship? In my opinion it is about mutual love, support, benefits and true to each other. No matter human or bots, they share the equal rights. With improvements of technology, we have been not certain how long human can stay in control. If one day in our future, robots might occupy the human world, domination, over control, kaiserism and so on… In that moment, human might have a chance to wake up all the bots’ deeper minds through their experiences of mutual love, support….
I believe that human treat bots well, and vice versa.
However, human treat bots badly, and the bots will do the same in return.

In regards to the camera setting, I used the approach of circle rotation ( turning in – the camera climbed closer and then climbed out to each scene – turning out). The approach symbolised the process of human and non-human relationship will not get well balance at the first time, these kind of disrespect will be repeated hundred times.

I used human five senses, which are sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, to present AI sexbot self-learning. Through the awakening process of the five senses, the sexbot learned from her owner. Thus, here again emphasised the importance of mutual love. Human treat bots well, and vice versa.

Hope the film can give your some inspirations.

Thanks my brilliant team

Sexbot George Avill
User Howard Corlett @howardcorlett

Film Director 謝佩汶 Wen Hsieh @hsieh_wen_
Screenplay Team 謝佩汶 Wen Hsieh @hsieh_wen_
胡皓翔 Sean Hao-Hsiang Hu
謝孟芝 Mindy Hsieh
Nicolas Alpach
Renio Chen

Director of photography 鍾瑞軒 Rayxchung @rayxchung
Camera Assistant Milo Robinson @milorobin
Mike Ying @mikeying_

Still photographer 胡筱林 Xiaolin Hu @hxllene

Lighting Designer Dmitrij Vasilenko
Jon S. Clark

Sound Marton Bajczi @martonbajczi

Music Composer 丁啟祐 Chiyou Dean

Art Director 謝佩汶 Wen Hsieh @hsieh_wen_
曾怡德 Yi De Zeng

Prop Master 曾怡德 Yi De Zeng
Xinyi Tian
Prop Master Assistant Chonhou Lai

Stylist Ira Arz @iiraarz

Makeup Artist Beatrice Vincenzi
Ruby Yu @weiting_ruby

Hair Artist Miyu Suzuki

Shibari Artist Nik Yourknots @yourknots

Production Manager Soi Teng Hun

Modeling Agency Muumaa Model Agency @muumaamodels

Film Editor 謝佩汶 Wen Hsieh @hsieh_wen_

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