The beginning of the main question was what the change I want to see, I wanted to see the public in the world to accept people having sexbot as a therapy and human and sexbot could be lovers, as David Peters, family therapist ( KPBS News 2018 ) mentioned that “One day sex robot users may be able to show their love more openly; we’re in an age where virtually everybody is coming out of the closet with whatever proclivity they have and wanting to be accepted and this will be next in line.” My main purpose was trying to break the ice between users and non-user of sexbot. However, through my research and interviews, the most people are feeling open mind and respect to the users, which means it is good. But I felt stuck to my project, because I personally not so certain about the positive feedback. I was thinking maybe because I not asked correct enough question. Also, I was lost in the purpose of this course as well. Because the change i want to see, which means I have to address with all the problems and concerns which human have. and then deliver my concept to the public? My reflection after told to my course leader, tutor and friends was observation in the world and then to see what could I do for this world by my professional skills, even slight help. My project started here, was leading by the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, I inspired by some feedback about privacy.

Changing here :
Firstly, not to focus on sexbots, but more towards data and new tech research. Because sex robots only belong to specific groups. Most of the interviewees are still in the theory of uncanny valley.
Secondly, privacy of sharing data. And then the all changes guided the question of intervention to what usage mode of human using their deceased members’ data of their family which are the Internet paths, pictures, statements, txt, DNA, and so on. Does the difference of the usage mode of the data impact by the occupation of interviewees’ ?

As a result of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak and the following global economic depression many humans lost their loved ones. Next, systemic issues of racial discrimination, public insecurity, fake news and social media began to arise and many people felt control was all lost. I also kind of lost in the situations and researches as well. The hope of governments was in track and tracing system, collecting human data in order to provide big data analysis and it was working. Eventually, AI prediction provided accurate coding of anti – virus vaccine and saved humans lives. However, this came at the unfortunately cost of humans losing their data privacy rights. Humans began to realize that their data was being consumed and experimented on in labs in big data storage companies. The human rights organizations around the world took to the streets to protest and negotiate with the governments. On the surface people took back their data rights. But are humans ready to be in control of their personal data?
if you have a power as God, what are you going to do ?

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