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What is Coronavirus contact-tracing app ?

The app is for collecting the user’s information, which could be used to low down the risk of spreading infectious diseases, and to send notification whether the user need to do self-isolation. In recent weeks, there have been disagreements between two different types of applications, which are centralised and decentralised versions.
BBC reported that ” Backers of the centralised model say it can give the authorities more insight into the spread of the virus and how well the app is performing. Supporters of the decentralised approach say it offers users a higher degree of privacy, protecting them from hackers or the state itself revealing their social contacts.”
More details, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52355028

The following are the results of the interview, which is about ” In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, do you agree to use the contact-tracing app? And why?“

From South Korea,
” I agree in this special situation. We need it to stop viruses that are directly linked to human life. However, we agree with the tracking app, but it should not be open to the public. In Korea, the movement of all infected people is open to everyone, and many say it is an invasion of privacy. ”

From China,
” I doubt the actual functionality, but if that’s something that’s working and might be helpful to change the situation then yes, however I think it’s a discrimination in a very tech and weird way, and also scary to find out if u r sick or not, so I guess I am quite unsure on this one. ”

” I generally agree. The Chinese people’s awareness of human rights, freedom and privacy is relatively deficient, compared with Europeans and Americans. Basically, I know about the right of privacy, but my consciousness is slower……. One side that European and American liberals say that tracing app violates human privacy. On the other side, this is a question about reasonable using assignment of privacy and public power in a political and social system….. The government use your datas appropriately and also use the database to ensure the safety of the most residers and yourself too. Thus, there is no argument.”

“I agree with 80 percent. I am willing to transfer part of my personal privacy under major and special circumstances.
Personally, I feel the tracing app is very annoyed. I must report my temperature every day and my whereabouts on holidays. If not follow the policies, the person may result in dismissal. In addition, there is no possibility of opposition against the policies. We all take it for granted. Less few people reflect on the consequences of the transfer of privacy. Importantly, failure to do so may be censured by group consciousness”

From Italy,
” I agree the ID tracing. Because I think one reason, we already set it in the different social medias, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I think we already to decide to share our privacy. For the second reason, I do’t get scared to share my ID trace, if it is for a reason to avoid the spread more the virus. ”

In today’s society, when people have high awareness and knowledge about Internet Privacy, how can the coronavirus contact-tracing app be used more appropriately? The professionals around the world are working on the balance between protection of human privacy and slowing down the spread of the viruses.

– “There can still be bugs and security vulnerabilities in either the decentralised or the centralised models,” said Thinking Cybersecurity chief executive Dr Vanessa Teague.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Monday a new law “is not needed because the Data Protection Act will do the job”.
-BBC / 19 of May, 2020

With the development of Internet and artificial intelligence, in business spect, many large enterprises have been using social media platforms to shorten the distance with international customers. Some independent designer brands have been using the platforms to leap into the international stage. As well as the new generations establishes their CV on the Internet, so they can develop their career to the world. Engaging the social media platforms is an irresistible advantage lead to personal information be searched quickly without any protection through the Internet, which is the initial transfer agreement of human data right. Now, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health of all human beings, human transfer again their personal information into public.

In fact, the gradual transfer of personal datas does not feel panic during the process. Instead, it feels like barter, also feels like that the both sides take what their needs, such a great deal, isn’t it. However, today, more than ten or twenty years after the popularity of the Internet, human beings have been shocked to find that the so-called social media platforms are the one of the means of controlling human brain activities by the high-power and the much more intelligent people, such as, Brexit and Snowden effects. Therefore, the coronavirus contact-tracing app working, it is difficult not to connect that human free will is likely to be manipulated again. A computer engineer shared to me that ” we’ve been transparent since the digital age. You want keeping your privacy? Unless you don’t use the Internet , also stay away from all electronic products. But is it possible? ” Human fighting for their data right is a David versus Goliath spectrum, I would say.

Yet, according to Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Data Protection Act will do the job, which might means the law has been working well to protect human privacy. The UK residers might take a risk to believe his words. In a spiritual context, ” One for all,all for one “. If this contact-tracing app is a solution for the continuation of human life, it is necessary to execute it, as a member of human beings, isn’t it?

人人為我, 我為人人










衛生部長馬特·漢考克(Matt Hancock)週一表示,一項新的法律“不需要,因為數據保護法案會起到作用”。



事實上,個人數據的逐步轉移在這個過程中並不感到恐慌。相反,這感覺像是易貨交易,也感覺雙方都拿走了他們需要的東西,多棒的交易,不是嗎。然而,在互聯網普及十多年後的今天,人們震驚地發現,所謂的社交媒體平臺,是權貴和智商高得多的人控制人腦活動的手段之一,比如英國脫歐和斯諾登效應。因此,冠狀病毒接觸追跡應用程序工作時,很難不聯想到人類的自由意志很可能再次被操縱。一位電腦工程師曾對我說:“自從數位時代以來,我們一直是透明的。你想保護你的隱私嗎?除非你不使用互聯網, 並且也要遠離所有電子產品。但有可能嗎?”我想說的是,人類為自己的數據權而鬥爭無疑是小蝦米對抗大鯨魚。



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