Writer  Wen Hsieh  15.07.2020

As a result of the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak and the following global economic depression many humans lost their loved ones. Next, systemic issues of racial discrimination, public insecurity, fake news and social media began to arise and many people felt control was all lost. The hope of governments was in track and tracing system, collecting human data in order to provide big data analysis and it was working. Eventually, I believe that AI prediction might provide accurate coding of anti – virus vaccine and save humans lives. However, this might come at the unfortunately cost of humans losing their data privacy rights. Once humans begin to realize that their data being consumed and experiment on in labs in big data storage companies. The human rights organizations around the world will take to the streets to protest and negotiate with the governments. On the surface people might take back their data rights. But are humans ready to be in control of their personal data?
Thinking about if you have maximum datas of you and your family, what are you going to do ? I guess human’s natural desire will appear.

The following are the results of the interview, which is about ” how can humans ready to be in control of their personal data? If the power was in your hands, what would you do ? “

20′ male, China, interior designer,
” Mainly save the datas to professional data company and happy to offer the datas for academic research. ”

20′ female, Taiwan, fashion designer,
” I prefer to storage the datas to reliable data company, also happy to offer the datas for human developing researches. However, need my permission before they do research.”

20′ female, The UK, filmmaker,
” I do not have a huge issue with my data being taken. It’s only used for advertising as far as I’m aware, and if they can use it to help healthcare then great. They’re not watching what we do personally I don’t think, and I feel like I have the option to just delete social media and stop their access whenever I want.
I’ve never really thought about it more than that, but I wouldn’t want full data of my friends and family because I know them personally. They deserve their privacy and I have no use for it”

30′ female, photographer,
The UK, ” i think facebook and google already has more data on me than any government ever will. I don’t think it has changed with COVID, I think data was collected always, bought and sold, just without too much letting know about it. There is a lot of small print everywhere and many companies are not very good or do not delete data they own. I worked in companies who collect data, not even on purpose and they do not use it, but have accumulated a lot of data over time. Big data companies are more interested in trends than individuals and it could be for the advantage. The only risk if someone decides to stalk an individual, for example myself or my family or do harm and has access to the data for a malicious purpose. Therefore for me personally it is not about weather government has data on me, but how secure that data is. Its not that I trust government not to misuse the data, but I think government has no gain in individual data, only in trends.”

40′ male, Taiwan, film editor,
“ Observing what most people do for reference. ”


Further question, Boris Johnson has warned the British public that “many more families are going to lose loved ones”. As your professional, if unfortunately you lose your love, what will you do with their datas, which are the all Internet paths, pictures, statements, txt, DNA, and so on ?

20’s female, Taiwan, garment designer,
“… my life partner is my truly love, and vice versa. So we both might want to have a part of each other. For example, making a necklace of his ashes for staying memories. ”

20’s male, The Uk, engineer of lighting,
” if i was to lose a loved one and sorting out the affrais was my responsibility, i would do the following,
1) send a email requesting that all tracking and personal information where removed from the records of all companies that may hold such information apart from social media as described in point 2.
2) i would use there social medias to create a epitaph that people they knew would be able to read and leave any pictures of the person connected to the accounts as a memorial removing all posts that where to do with inconsequential things (internal games to the site and things like this) where removed and that the page would represent something akin to what the person stood for in there life.
3)i would make sure that all accounts that are not directly serving the purpose of creating a memorial or epitaph of the loved one where closed and all data permanently scrubbed from systems.
In terms of the DNA and remains that would depends on the wishes of the person in question and i would follow the wishes in this regard.”

30′ female, The UK, photographer,
” If they have not otherwise stated. Delete. Maybe backup public info as a memory considering I am a close person. For example my flatmate is in my trustees list on fb if something happens to me she can delete my profile. ”

30′ male, Taiwan, 3d artist,
” I might just keep their pictures and videos, affirmatively no create a clone of my life partner. ”
Researcher Wen asked,
” … as a 3D artist, would you create a 3D vision of your partner, which model is able to speak specific sentence you desire to listen often? ”
” I would never, because it might cause me stuck in her memories for good and difficult to leave the sadness. ”

30′ male, Taiwan, data engineer,
“… I might just keep their digital resources, such as pictures… , not actually think about to do something at the moment . ”
Researcher Wen asked,
” Would you want to create your life partner digitally? “
” If you are talking about conscious digital people, I will feel that many things are not permanent. It seems that it is not better to do so. Many sci-fi films are talking about this, but I still don’t feel like “I hope there will be such technology in the future. ”

30′ male, Taiwan, filmmaker,
“Some gamers who keep the accounts of world of Warcraft of the dead gammers and save the roles. The alive gamers go up to mourn this family members every year.”

According to the thoughts sharing, most interviewees prefer to delete their life partners’ datas, but only storage digital or physical pictures and videos for remembering. Because most of them mentioned about privacy and they would like to keep their loved ones’ privacy for respect. Also, they could not see any good point to have clones or digital human or robots. On the other hand, there was an interviewee, she would make a necklace of her life partner’s ashes for keeping their memories. This idea makes me remind of a project which is Alexander McQueen’s DNA turned into human leather goods. Thus, I was wondering what would happen as if alive human are able to request their parters’ data from the government, and then implant into a robot body or hologram. The alive human will feel their partner devices are nearly the same as before, also the devices remember the all memories human want devices to know and going forward the devices learn from human’s likes and dislikes…

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