VR, AR or hologram, no matter what format you use, the promise of these medias are that they should provide a more immersive experience and create an environment that makes people feel real. The question is whether these technologies can replace humanity experience?


Writer  Wen Hsieh  19.07.2020

I think I agree as 8i chief executive Steve Raymond said that ” … this format brings you really close to the subject. And I think it’s going to become the standard way in which we document our history. ” Because nothing is more intimate than talking to another person by face to face. During the lockdown in the UK, all meetings became online meetings, I found out it quite took time to get used to it, even through I have been living in the digital world over a decade. 2D vision screen life seems make my life more isolated. Thus, I am wondering if 3D vision tech would bring us better lives.

In 2017, a documentary, called Capturing holographic memories for AR and VR. Los Angeles-based actress and interior designer Ashley Martin Scott, 8i studios collaborated with her, turning she and her child into holograms. She shared that ” she’s changed so much and it is just crazy how fast it’s going. It just takes you right back to that moment and and when you are dealing with a newborn it feels like the stage is just going to the last forever, because your days are long and your nights are longer, but it really goes by so fast. So to be able to jump right back into that again, it was overwhelming….. That is kind of cool that you can literally just pull on a headset or with new tech with the phones and everything, you can be right back in that place .” From her excising and surprising tone, it was not hard to know the tech is going to become a popular format for recalling human’s memories.

Eventually, VR, AR or hologram, no matter what format you use, they are just stimulated vision. They are going to develop more and more realistic until you will hardly recognise reality and simulation. The popularity of VR, AR or hologram technologies may replace the first experience in your real life. For example, the first time you climb a mountain to see the snow, the first time you dive into the water to see the fish. Would you want it happens? However, the positive direction, this technology will also record your child’s growth, just like a photo as nowadays. It will also be a new form of recording culture and art, bringing more vivid presentation into human’s lives.

In 2020, nowadays, the tech still has been struggling with the high price spending. Impact by Covid-19, some companies see the tech has high potential in may ways, for example, 3D office space for meeting for simulating working vibe. Also, hologram has minimal impact on the environment, reducing the traffic time for decreasing air pollution.


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