Filming with green screen : what do you need to know ?

-Technically, the term means you want to remove the background and make it transparent. It’s usually a monochrome background, which can be any color, but it’s usually bright green because it’s the furthest color from a human skin.

-Separate the subject from the background. Keep your subject at least 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) away from the green screen to minimize scattering and shadow on the green screen background.

-Shoot at the highest bit rate. 10bit color is definitely better than 8bit, prores 422 and 444 are also good options, if you can shoot raw, it is a better choice.

-It is also important to light the green screen evenly. Proper exposure helps to avoid scattering of green light.




Collaboration with a age makeup artist.





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How to Create a DIY Green Screen Video Effect

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