I think my greatest benefit lies in the courage to talk to strangers and listen to stories from different perspectives. What impresses me most is that after chatting with users of sex dolls, I feel that they are fearless, especially when they suffer from many cold words of social values.
The most profound impact of this course on me is how to share and explain my views properly and analyze the feedbacks given by stakeholders. In the process, I lost my way and found my core value again and again. And then setting off for the next milestone.
In addition, in my professional aspect, from art director to film director and script writer , a completely new role to me. Although I need to be strengthened, I have made a lot of progress through many times of cooperation. And I am going to work harder in this direction.

Mostly important thing is thank you all my team. I could not make the film happened without them.


Crew list

Prod                                    Mark / Wen

Director                               Wen

AD                                        Ray

DOP                                      Fatosh

Sound                                   Mark

Gaffer                                   Daniel

Stylist                                   Bessy

Makeup                                Kristina (16)

Makeup                                Ruby (17)

Hair                                      Yosuke

Hair                                      Yuho (16)

Set designer                        Fu

Still photographer               Shuo

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