Writer Wen Hsieh 15.10.2020


Cloud, we are familiar with the storage space of memory. Cloud computing is a popular option for businesses , the reasons including cost savings, raising productivity, efficiency, and performance. ( Investopedia. 2020) Its initial stage of its establishment was private, but was also developed under the control of a few companies. After years of doubt and demonstration by some experts and scholars, we understand that cloud computing regards most countries in the world as consumers and subjects, rather than active citizens. ( Mosco, 2014, P 175 – p226 ). This trend has had significant consequences. Humans have been living as a bunch of codes that are encoded, analysed, and being as captive animals by cloud computing. However, we are not so silly to be controlled without rebellion. We just prefer to enjoy the convenience, comparing to be analysed.

There are many influences from the cloud and cloud computing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was supplying the Obama campaign with big-data analysis. Most experts agree cloud computing provided significant help in the successful 2012 campaign in the U.S. The expansion of cloud computing alone advances the interest in big data because, as one analyst said, the cloud “has made it viable to perform sophisticated analytics over huge volumes of data that were never even thinkable before” (Wainewright 2013) ( Mosco, 2014, P 175 – p226 ). This analysis also might have impacted the Brexit outcome of 2016. (BBC, 2018) Furthermore, managed non segregated patient data and sharing data between different aspects, such as healthcare professionals or patients, to check their own status and treatment follow-ups.

“The data of desire” , It records popular expressions of emotions which emotions about products and services, such as like / dislike, so as to better identify and predict consumer behaviours. This could view the big-data analysis as a means of expanding revenue. The cloud can link sales records with social media posts, thus, linking behavioural data to information about customer feelings, so as to gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiment, not just which customers to buy, but also buying reasons. The good example,” IBM credits this system with enabling a communication carrier to predict which customers were likely to defect within ninety days and reduced churn by 35 percent in the first year. ” (IBM 2013) ( Mosco, 2014, P 178) . As the Mosco documented that ” Replacing theories and hypothesis are general areas of interest and specific questions that the researcher believes big data and the cloud might answer. ” ( Mosco, 2014, P 181 ).

Yet, according to one of the worlds leading experts on the NSA, “Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital ‘pocket litter’. In 2003, this spy caused an outcry over the potential for invading Americans’ privacy” (Bamford 2012). ( Mosco, 2014. P185) I think the could, the huge database, looks like a full english breakfast, who does not want to have a bite. However, we have been taught sharing is a kind and friendly thing to behaviour, but private data is not good to share sometimes. Even for the reason of human culture research, I believe that online search history should be enough as good as a feast.

If the cloud only has saving function without cloud computing, what would the world be different? Perhaps, the world would become a utopia. David Mitchell is a cloud engineer, Mitchell’s creation overcomes the limitations of time and space, and then captures basic information and helps us process it in a way that promotes our understanding of the human condition. Even today’s digital engineers are committed to storing consciousness in complex systems. ( Mosco, 2014, P 175 – p226 ). In other words, just like Darwin’s theory of evolution, even the original storage purpose might evolve into purposeful use. We never know what will happen of next evolution of the cloud.


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