How can film influence people’s awareness about how data is used after their death?
_____Wen Hsieh

Writer Wen Hsieh        02.12.2020


How can film influence people’s opinion of data collection and usage, when shown a specific application and its benefits such as deceased people’s data used as a coping mechanism for bereavement ? This film aims to rise awareness of digital data right, especially after your death. Even we pass away, our data right should belong us for good as the same as our physical property. Data is invisible so that we should pay more attention on it.


Feedback from the audiences, who work in the digital world.

This movie is quite interesting for a very specific point : the opinion about data collection and usage can be clearly defined. There are as many can as people in the world, family, couple, friendship. Our memories, sensibilities about data is very different, and it’s interesting to compare with the death ceremony in the world : every country have his own culture about death : the link we have with data will be also specific about culture.
Of course, technology will join us more and more in the future, we will do all our possible to regular internet, and fix some law as RGPD. But what will be our reaction in front of an opportunity to relive a contact with a death people ? As our own feeling with death first, we will reject the idea and after, accept it.________ Nicolas/ social communication

The piano piece sounds like it was made for it. For a moment I couldn’t say anything because I was struck by it’s was balanced, some scenes could’ve lingered longer but still very good.
Imagine seeing a breathtaking painting for the first time: it would leave you lost for words.
Data right is important but after death it doesn’t matter, although it does because potentially it could be used against future generations instead of for. It’s an interesting thought which about my data could be worth and benefit of my data belongs my kids ? Or it would be nice to ask my family if someone want to do any research.
Basically, as I know that IP: intellectual property. It should come under the umbrella of IP because that is what it is really. But IP ONLY HAS 75 years copyright after death. I agree using my data should be asked. Yes and we are well into that rabbit hole. Powerful imagery and raises some good questions. Thank you for sharing it with me
_______ John / soundscapes

The film reminds me of the show Westworld. Their last season is season 3 and its about robot and human world. And in one episode the robot release private data of humans to everyone, but its like a secret data that the company kept. Quite complicated story. But the main point is that everyone starts going crazy. Because when the machine collect data, they can predict when u will die and they know everything about you. _________Ira / digital image maker

So here are my thoughts. First of all I want to say that I really enjoy your moves because they deal with technology in a very critical way but at the same time you’re not discrediting nor rejecting it. Unless I’m wrong, your videos are for the purpose of having the audience look at how they interact with technology in their own lives and decide for themselves if that is most appropriate for them. I think presenting an objective view of a subject is the most mature and honest way to do it. That way you don’t control the narrative and you allow the audience to think on their own. This movie presented a subject that is very much in its infancy. The fact that you added the video from that Korean movie really summarized well a positive but sad truth about humanity. It also gave your message a good premise.________ Chiquita / photographer

I liked the concept and how you realised the idea, in terms  of photography, graphic and actors looks good…
About the general meaning it’s pretty dark and scary how you explain the problem but I suppose we should be afraid about our privacy and how we are going more digital than ever, so it looks appropriate for me… ______________________W / digital producer


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