Deja vu? | Multiverse?

These images were selected by Italian Vogue Photo Talent and Kaltblut Magazine

Human : I feel you are familiar,  have I met you before ? But I am not sure. 

Earth : You have seen my beauty, but your grandson probably does not have this fortune. 

Our world is suffering from pollution caused by human decision-making and actions. Please do not make the greens become a sense of ” deja vu ” , living in the other universe ?

For the delivery of the concept, we collaborated with some sustainable fashion brands, designers and charity shops, which aim to make good quality, to use recycled materials, as well as co-work with environmental organisations.

Deja vu ? | Multiverse ?

Producer : Hsieh Wen @hsieh_wen_
Still photographer : Henry @hredcliffe
Art Director : Hsieh Wen @hsieh_wen_
Stylist : Ira @iiraarz
Makeup : Kristina Pavlov @kristina_pavlov
Hair : Marta @marta.martineau
Set designer | lighting designer : Daniel @danielprichardson

Location Producer assistant : YiJen Hsieh @hsiehyijen Models

Model team

Assan @d_assani


Claudia Catroux Escobar @claudiacatroux

Histria @histriasoler1

Koko Barno @koko.barno

Fashion collaboration

Benjamin Peng @ _bensonline

Crescent Agency @crescentagency

Emotional World Vintage @emotionalworldvintage

Fara charity shop @faracharityshops
HECTOR MACLEAN @hectormacleanlondon
Kyle Ho @kylehoofficial

Marcin Giebultowski
Rue Agthonis @Rue Agthonis

Xiaoyi Liu @Xiaoyi Liu
Z / CH Jewellery @zchjewellery

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