Kyle Ho AW21 Collection | Mercedes Benz fashion week Russia

The utopia, the perfect world for people has dreamt for thousand years, a world free of conflicts, hungers and unhappiness.
The place is unreal but living in people’s heart.
I’m falling To my Utopia, the invisible nation where I can find myself belong to. We don’t obey the rules, because there is none.
We have no hatred.
We have no such burden of us.
Blurring the lines between us.
A place where giving me a state of mind. I walk alongside the shore, hearing the sounds from the birds where I am not able to find them.
Blurring the lines between us no such barrier for us

Designer | Producer : Kyle Ho
Film Director | Editor : Hsieh Wen
Cinema Photographer : Jui-Hsuan, Chung
Hair and Make-up Artist : Daeun Jung
Hair and Make-up Assistant : Hyemin Jeong
Talents : Julian Yaw
Reid Morgan
Music : Peter Sandberg | Dismantle

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