Look for my sense of belonging

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It is not just a fashion film.

It is a film to talk about

Peace and warmth through hugs

people might feel sad and lonely, because they don’t think this place belongs them,

such as language barrier as well as different skin colour and culture.

In Collaboration with

Styling & Art Direction by
Pei Wen Hsieh @wm_wenw
Shaheerah A @iiraarz
Directed & Camera by
Junyu Zhang @sawa_bi_reuter
Edited by Wan Yang
Thandi Mqarutsa @thandzmich
Jermaine Bryan @thisismrbryan
Lea Valach @leavalach

Simo Ramo @simramones

Make Up & Hair by
Eleonora Rossini @eleonorar_makeup_artist
Akari Sorada @akari_sorada


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