Might the term of gender disappear?

Whilst the lines between male and female gender roles continue to blur, fashion seeks to reflect these changes and offer insight into this intriguing time in history.

Everyday, many women fight for the same rights and financial remuneration as men. At the same time, males are shunning the prescriptive attitudes of masculinity and paternalism. Today, many women hold positions previously reserved for men: ministers, CEOs and famous artists, to name a few. The blur between men and women’s roles in society is becoming indistinguishable.

In fashion, although the demarcation between male and female fashion is still apparent, this line is becoming more and more vague as each year passes. Women wear neckties; men hold handbags.

Might the term of gender disappear?

In this project I pose the following questions: What is female? What is Male? Which part is the most important? By manipulating clothes, make up and hairstyles, I attempt to shed light on these fundamental uncertainties. This project offers no definite answers, yet reconfirms the belief that in fashion, one must be in agreement with oneself


Creator and stylist   Wen

Photographer             Cheng Yen Yu

Makeup                       Shifty Huang

Model                           Chuckle

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