During the lockdown, we feel isolated.
Working on tracking and trace system, we feel exposed.
Wearing a mask, we feel hopeless…
Although we are in the darkness, the light is still with us


Photography by Shuo Xu / Instagram: @xusure
Art Director and Stylist is Wen Hsieh / wmccc.co / Instagram: @hsieh_wen_
Lighting Designer by Daniel Richardson / Instagram: @danielprichardson
Models are Giorgia Seminara signed at @d1models / Instagram: @seminara_giorgia
Marly signed at @muumaamodels / Instagram: @marlydoll
Make up by Kristina Pavlov / makeupkristina.com / Instagram: @Kristina_pavlov
Graphic Design by Sam Shepherd / Instagram: @distorted_8
Fashion by Phoenix Wu, Sebastian Nissl, Brenda Kuoh, Timothee Gleize management at @fashioncrossoverlondon
Thanks for publishing by

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