Writer Wen Hsieh 01.06.2020 / Photographer

What will change in the dependence between humans and non humans (sexbot) after the protecting policies work.

According to my interview, most interviewees will not choice sexbot to be their intimate partner in the short term. The interviewees divided two groups, one don’t have doll experiences, the other have. The number of the former interviewees was extremely small percentages accepting sexbot. Also, the latter interviewees, they keep standing far away from the bots due to the hight cost and not transparence of the privacy system.

Yet, why is the relationship between human who not interested in and sex robot still far away? The reason most interviewees hold was that humans tend to get along with their homorace and to build intimate relationships with them. Despite the high risk of virus infection causes by close contact with humans. Some respondents were willing to bear the risk of virus infection and maintained stable social network activities. The other interviewers said that even if the circle of friends is narrowed down, Feeling lonely and unwilling to have feelings with sex robots. However, this was quite different from my prediction that human beings may shrink their circle of friends due to viruses, and then expand the relationship between virtual characters and sex robots. Thus, I think the reason is probably because of the theory of uncanny valley. The interviewees still feel strange and creepy to sex robots. BUT there was interesting observation here, the group which not have doll experience, some members shared they do not mind to have intimate connection with virtual characters. Namely, they were afraid to have intimate relationship with artificial intelligent body, but interested in connect of virtual characters. They found the way to satisfy their lonely inspirits.

In contrast, the interviewees who have dolls experiences have already moved beyond the uncanny valley theory. They are highly interested in sexbot and excited about developing further relationships with bots. In terms of dependency, they may be a group which are highly dependent on AI sexbots. Because of this demand, they are particularly concerned about the future trend of artificial intelligence as well as the right of privacy.

In conclusion, after the protecting policies work, what will happen to the dependence between human and sexbot ? At present, according to my survey, the increase in dependence of human beings and sex robots only belongs to specific groups. Most of the interviewees are still in the theory of uncanny valley, the few are interested in virtual characters, such as hologram, Replika: My AI Friend and so on.

在保護政策生效後,人類與非人類 (sexbot)之間的依賴性會發生什麼變化?






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